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Broward Personal Injury Lawyer For Auto Accident In Sunrise

July 24, 2017

If you have been recently injured in an auto accident in Sunrise, Florida, hiring an auto accident attorney in Sunrise to represent your interests in negotiating with the insurance company might be the last thing on your mind at the moment. You're in a lot of pain. Your attention needs to be on your recovery and learning how to cope with the pain and suffering of your injuries. While you or your loved ones focus on getting better, the Law Offices of Joseph Bosco can help you to deal with the rest.

There are so many things to consider now that you've had an auto accident in Sunrise? What about the property damage to your car? What about the time you may have to miss from work? What about the bills that are starting to appear in your mailbox? What do you do with the adjuster who has already called your cell phone at least a dozen times and left multiple messages? What is PIP? The Sunrise Personal Injury Lawyers at the Law Offices of Joseph Bosco can answer all of these questions and more. We can help you and your loved ones get the compensation they deserve after their Sunrise auto accident injury.  We are always in your corner!


If you have been injured in a Sunrise Auto Accident, you are not alone.  The roads are clogged with motorists in Sunrise, Florida, and there are hundreds of auto accidents in the city every year. But it wasn't always so in Sunrise. In 1960, Iowa-based developer, Norman Johnson paid $9 million dollars for 2650 acres of land in Southwest Broward County that would later come to be known as Sunrise. In 1961, this community of 1.75 square miles had only 350 residents.  Can you imagine that when you look out on today's roads?


How things have changed over the years since then. As of the 2010 census, Sunrise boasts a population of 84,439 residents. With attractions such as the BB&T Center (home venue for the NHL Florida Panthers and countless other concerts and conventions), and the Sawgrass Mills Mall, which opened its doors in 1990, little Sunrise, Florida has become a must-see place and major tourist attraction in and of itself.


With the good, however, comes the bad. That is to say, more motorists on the road in Sunrise inevitably means there will be more car accidents in Sunrise and, as you may have recently been unfortunate enough to discover, when you are involved in these frightening events in life, life can get very complex very quickly. It is always a relief to have an experienced Broward auto accident lawyer in your corner. It can mean all the difference in the world to you at this critical time. Let the Law Offices of Joseph Bosco help you at this critical juncture.  Our South Florida Personal Injury Lawyers in Sunrise can get you the compensation you deserve if you are the victim of an auto accident. 


If you have any questions about your Sunrise Auto Accident Injury, don't hesitate to contact one of our Broward Personal Injury Attorneys in Sunrise by pressing the button at the top of this page to dial directly from your laptop or mobile device. You can also chat with one of our Sunrise Personal Injury Attorneys by clicking the bottom right of this page. Of course, you can always do it the old-fashioned way and simply pick up the phone and call the Law Offices of Joseph Bosco today toll-free at 844-380-HURT. Give us a call today. The consultation is free and if we don't get you paid, we don't get paid!   Our auto accident lawyers in Sunrise are always in your corner!



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