Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer In Broward

July 18, 2017

At the Law Offices of Joseph Bosco, we have seen countless juvenile defendants and heard countless stories of juvenile arrests and crime in Fort Lauderdale and all over South Florida. There is perhaps no more terrifying thought for a parent than to learn their beloved underage son or daughter has been the subject of a juvenile criminal arrest in Broward County or anywhere else in Florida. As a parent, you're worried about what is to come now that your loved one is in the quagmire of the Florida Juvenile Justice System. Your family will need a lawyer who is familiar with Florida Statutes, Chapter 985 relating to juvenile justice.


You're concerned and probably thinking to yourself, "I need to retain the best criminal defense lawyer in Broward." But what does that even mean? What should you be looking for in a criminal defense lawyer for juveniles in Broward County?  


The question of selecting the right criminal defense lawyer in Broward or anywhere else in Southeast Florida's tri-county area starts by doing your homework. Retaining experienced and aggressive juvenile criminal defense counsel is not something a parent does every day. Do not be afraid to ask your potential lawyer questions about your child's juvenile charges in Broward County or anywhere else in Florida.


Where do you start the process of making sure your child is in the hands of the best criminal defense lawyer possible? Below are a few tips that may help you in the process.


1. Look for an experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney in Broward or anywhere else in South Florida


Make sure your lawyer knows his way around the juvenile courts in your jurisdiction. Your lawyer should have some trial experience and be able to articulate a general plan of action for your child's case when you're in his/her office. As a parent, you're serious about your child's criminal defense in South Florida, so don't be shy and ask your prospective lawyer specific questions about his/her experience in South Florida's juvenile courts.  At the Law Offices of Joseph Bosco, we have represented literally thousands of juvenile clients over the years in Southeast Florida's tri-county area.  Our results speak for themselves, but ask us about them anyway.


2. An aggressive Broward County Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney should be something you look for as well.


Ask your juvenile criminal defense lawyer in Broward County or anywhere else in Florida about whether or not the evidence in your child's juvenile case in Broward County can be challenged. An experienced juvenile attorney is a criminal defense attorney first and foremost and should be well-versed in Fourth Amendment challenges to the collection of evidence.  Ask your juvenile defense attorney about potential motions to suppress and other potential sorts of evidentiary challenges.  You should feel confident that your juvenile defense counsel in Broward County is ready, willing and able to be a voice for your child's defense.


You should also feel secure in the fact that your lawyer is above all, a trial lawyer. Even though a juvenile case in Florida is heard generally before a judge and not a jury (with the exception of "direct files"), you should still make sure your lawyer has argued juvenile cases at trial.  


At the Law Offices of Joseph Bosco, we are trial lawyers. We have defended literally thousands of men, women and children charged with adult and juvenile crimes in Broward County and all over Florida. Whether it's a Motion to Suppress, a Motion to Dismiss or a Judge or Jury Trial, our lawyers have seen it and been through it and our experience can benefit your child.  We are always in your family's corner and fighting for their rights.  Our lawyers have spent a career doing it. Contact us today.


The Law Offices of Joseph Bosco can step right in and be of service to your son or daughter if they face juvenile charges in Broward County, Palm Beach County or Miami-Dade County. We offer fierce and concentrated resistance against the State's allegations. Allow our office to help your juvenile make safe passage through the complexities of their juvenile criminal charges.  Simply click on the phone number button above to call from your mobile device or desktop, or click the button on your lower right and chat with one of our South Florida Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorneys live right now!  You can also do it the old-fashioned way and simply call our offices at
844-380-HURT.  Do it today. The consultation is always free because at the Law Offices of Joseph Bosco, we are always in your corner.



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