An injury in an auto accident or slip-and-fall can have a devastating impact not only on the injured individual, but also their friends and family. Beyond the great physical pain they are experiencing, injured individuals may also be dealing with large medical bills and potentially large future medical bills, long stays in the hospital, emotional pain and suffering, and significant lost time from work. 

Personal Injury in South Florida

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Countless automobile accidents occur every day here in South Florida.  Car accidents are the leading cause of death in Florida and across the nation. However, if you have been involved in a South Florida Car accident, the extent of your injury may not reveal itself immediately.  Rather, your injury may evolve and worsen over time. It may take time for your injury to make itself known. That is one of many reasons why when an accident occurs, it is extremely important for the injured driver to seek legal counsel immediately.

Car Accident in South Florida?

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"I hired Joe to represent me when I had an accident in Palm Beach. His knowledge of insurance protocol helped me deal with my doctor bills and get me back on my feet while always being honest with me. Without a doubt I would recommend Joe for any legal needs"

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Slip & Fall Liability Claims in South Florida?

The Law Offices of Joseph A. Bosco are well-versed in these sorts of unfortunate circumstances. Our slip and fall lawyers know that when slip-and-fall injuries occur, those who own or control the properties where the hazards existed may be held legally responsible for the damages sustained in the fall injury.  It is the injured person’s burden, however, to actually take legal action.  Our attorneys can help explain your rights, represent you in court, and make sure you receive full and fair compensation in the event you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed by a slip-and-fall accident.

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"I was referred to Mr. Bosco when I was in a motor vehicle accident. From my initial phone call to my settlement, he made himself available to me. I never felt like I was a bother. I highly recommend!!!!"

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Healthy births are what everyone prays will occur. But, injuries and trauma can and do happen during the birth process – and when the unthinkable happens, our Ft. Lauderdale Birth Injury Lawyers can help.

There are many reasons for birth trauma, including:

  • Breech births

  • Complications from cesarean births

  • Premature births

  • Facial nerve damage during delivery

  • Constriction of blood or oxygen flow

  • Head injuries from emergency extractions

If your baby or the mother has suffered injury, trauma or worse during the birthing process, contact us today at 844.380.HURT. The Law Offices of Joseph A. Bosco has been a birth injury lawyer in South Florida  since 2003. 

Birth Injury Attorneys
in South Florida

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